Performance Optimization Two-Node Support Structure of Free Beam Vibration Gyro


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Establishing the system model of free beam vibration gyro under the influence of the Support structure, deriving and analyzing its vibration performance, comparison between model simulation through ANSYS software and relative theoretical calculation indicates that the relative error is less than 0.25%. Researches on the relations among system sensitivity, bandwidth, shock resistance and anti-interference ability of its model and sizes of Support structure contribute to principles of system optimization design and a set of design parameters: free beam (50mm×4.1mm×4.12mm), cylindrical Support structure(radius0.25mm×2.46mm), the performance of model is as: system driving frequency (8589.8HZ), bandwidth (39.4HZ), shock resistance (411.02g) and anti-interference frequency (above2381.3HZ).



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J.H. Wu




Y. Liu et al., "Performance Optimization Two-Node Support Structure of Free Beam Vibration Gyro", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 645, pp. 476-481, 2013

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January 2013




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