Performance Evaluation of 32-nm CNT-OPAMPs in Analog Circuits: Design and Comparison of Leapfrog Filters


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In this paper, we have presented the design and characteristic performance evaluation of a 6-order Leapfrog Filter. First we designed the filter by using Silicon-based CMOS Operational Amplifiers (Si-OPAMPs). Then we designed the filter with Carbon Nanotube-based Operational Amplifiers (CNT-OPAMPs) using a benchmark nine-transistor Operational Amplifier (OPAMP) model with single-walled Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors (SW-CNTFETs) as primary building-blocks for 32nm technology. We compared the performance between the two and achieved higher phase margin, improved power dissipation, and significantly higher input resistance for the CNT-OPAMP based filter. Then we further evaluated the performance of the CNT-OPAMP based filter by changing the number of SWNTs used in the intrinsic channel region of the CNTFET, keeping all other design parameters the same. Our simulation-based assessment has shown a satisfactory superiority for CNT-OPAMP filter design in comparison with Si-based CMOS filter design. The results obtained suggest that the CNT-OPAMP has a promising potential for low-power, high-speed applications in both analog and mixed-signal nanoelectronic circuits.



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Tingting Wang




I. Ilyas et al., "Performance Evaluation of 32-nm CNT-OPAMPs in Analog Circuits: Design and Comparison of Leapfrog Filters", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 646, pp. 216-221, 2013

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January 2013




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