Valve-Less Diaphragm Micropump with Electromagnetic Actuation


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In this paper, a micropump with electromagnetic actuation is presented. The micropump mainly consists of coil actuators and a PDMS micropump layer. The microcoil was fabricated using the printed circuit board (PCB) with the conventional PCB treatment and the PDMS layer was formed by casting technique. A control circuit was designed using microcontroller to produce square waves to control coil actuator. Due to the simple fabrication process, the micropump can be incorporated in a disposable PDMS lab-on-a-chip device as a fluid actuation component. However, the coil actuator is reusable. In addition, the control circuit makes the micropump portable. The experiment results show that this proposed micropump is capable of delivering a flow rate of 470 μL/min using one coil actuator.



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Tingting Wang




Y. J. Chang et al., "Valve-Less Diaphragm Micropump with Electromagnetic Actuation", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 647, pp. 929-934, 2013

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January 2013





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