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Authors: Alejandro Rodríguez-Castellanos, Francisco José Sánchez-Sesma
Abstract:In this paper, the scattering of P-waves by hidden cracks located near to a free surface is investigated. The Indirect Boundary Element...
Authors: D. Angeles Herrera, J.L. González Velázquez
Abstract:The fatigue crack growth of longitudinal SAW welds of a API 5L X42 steel pipe was evaluated using curved three point bend test specimens,...
Authors: Ruben Cuamatzi-Melendez, J.R. Yates
Abstract:Little work has been published concerning the transferability of Gurson’s ductile damage model parameters in specimens tested at different...
Authors: Orlando Susarrey Huerta, Maribel Mendoza Nuñez, Pedro A. Tamayo Meza, Alexander S. Balankin
Abstract:In this work, the mechanical properties of randomly folded thin sheets in the hydrostatic and non-hydrostatic stress states were studied. It...
Authors: Narciso Acuña-González, J. González-Sánchez, E. Contreras, Israel Sauceda
Abstract:This work focuses on determining the influence of mixed stress conditions on the initiation of fatigue cracks from corrosion pits in a UNS...
Authors: N. López-Perrusquia, Ivan Campos-Silva, José Martínez-Trinidad, A. Avilés, E. Alvárez-Castañeda, S. Juárez-Torres
Abstract:The fracture toughness of AISI H13 borided steel and the strength adhesion of the coated system were estimated in the present work. The...
Authors: J. Solis, J. Oseguera-Peña, I. Betancourt
Abstract:The Navarro-Rios micromechanical model was used to assess the bounds of two different damage zones: crack arrest region and crack propagation...
Authors: G. Rodríguez-Castro, Ivan Campos-Silva, José Martínez-Trinidad, U. Figueroa-López, D. Meléndez-Morales, Jesus Vargas-Hernández
Abstract:Some mechanical properties of AISI 1045 borided steels were estimated in the present work. The boriding process was carried out by the powder...
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