An Innovative Experimental Setup for Laboratory Tests of Fine Blanking Process


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Fine blanking process can produce parts with accurate cutting edge quality. Studying the effects of process parameters on accuracy and quality of fine banking products are usually expensive. In this paper, an innovative idea has been introduced for a set of fine blanking test rig which is not as complicate and expensive as standard fine blanking dies but it could be used alternatively for limited laboratory works. The main concept of the rig is based on manual adjustment of counter punch force and blank holder force by means of rubber spring and torque meters respectively. As a case study, the effect of counter punch force of fine blanking process in a 2mm thickness steel AISI-1006 sheet was studied by this test rig. The results show that increasing the counter punch force makes burr dimension on cutting edge to get smaller which means better quality of the product.



Edited by:

Ying Zhang and Ping He




M. Shahsavan and M. Sedighi, "An Innovative Experimental Setup for Laboratory Tests of Fine Blanking Process", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 650, pp. 567-571, 2013

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January 2013




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