Thermoelectric Heat Pipe-Based Refrigerator: System Development and Comparison with Thermoelectric, Absorption and Vapor Compression Refrigerators


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Thermoelectric coolers have been widely applied to provide cooling for refrigerators in addition to conventional absorption and vapor compression systems. To increase heat dissipation in the thermoelectric cooler’s modules, a heat pipe can be installed in the system. The aim of this study is to develop a thermoelectric heat pipe-based (THP) refrigerator, which consists of thermoelectric coolers that are connected by heat pipe modules to enhance heat transfer. A comparative analysis of the THP prototype and conventional refrigerator with vapor compression, absorption and thermoelectric systems is also presented. The prototype system has a faster cooling down time and a higher coefficient of performance than the absorption system but still lower than vapor compression system



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Tan Jin




N. Putra et al., "Thermoelectric Heat Pipe-Based Refrigerator: System Development and Comparison with Thermoelectric, Absorption and Vapor Compression Refrigerators", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 651, pp. 736-744, 2013

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January 2013




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