Modeling of Dynamic Errors for a Table-Tilting Type 5-Axis Machine Tools


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The precision of its processes is affected by static error and dynamic error. This paper focuses on modeling about dynamic errors and proposed an algorithm of the dynamic error for Table-tilting 5-axis machine tool, which is using Homogeneous Transformation Matrix to establish the dynamic errors formula, so as to structure a model of its dynamic error. Dynamic errors about rotary and linear axis of a 5-axis machining center with tilting rotary table type are defined. At last, we performed the operation and measurement of Table-tilting 5-axis machine, in order to compare and verify the dynamic errors, and to use as adjusting the Table-tilting 5-axis machine tool, and improve the precision of its machining. The result of a synthesis example verifies the effectiveness of the proposed modeling.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 655-657)

Edited by:

Zhengyi Jiang, Xianghua Liu, Sihai Jiao and Jingtao Han




Y. C. Zhang et al., "Modeling of Dynamic Errors for a Table-Tilting Type 5-Axis Machine Tools", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 655-657, pp. 1277-1281, 2013

Online since:

January 2013




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