Advanced Synthesis and Processing Technology for Materials

Volume 66

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Masaki Narisawa, Ryuichi Sumimoto, Kenichiro Kita, Hiroshi Mabuchi, Young Wook Kim, Masaki Sugimoto, Masahito Yoshikawa

Abstract: Polymethylsilsesquioxane (PMSQ) fiber was exposed to metal chloride vapors in a controlled atmosphere or electron beam irradiation in air to...

Authors: Kenichiro Kita, Masaki Narisawa, Hiroshi Mabuchi, Masayoshi Itoh, Masaki Sugimoto, Masahito Yoshikawa

Abstract: Silicon carbide (SiC) based fibers with continuous pore structures were synthesized by the precursor method using a polycarbosilane (PCS)...

Authors: Tian Guo Wang, Gang Qin Shao, Wen Jun Zhang, Xi Bao Li

Abstract: The effect of Nd2O3 and Sm2O3 on the microstructure, nonlinear electrical properties, and dielectric properties of WO3-based ceramics was...

Authors: Ming Jin Deng, Qi De Wu, Xiao Li Ji, Na Li, Chun Song Hua

Abstract: The 1.2µm and 100µm silicon carbide were prepared by the process of reshaping and classification. The effect of particle morphology and...

Authors: Mei Jun Yang, Wei Jun Luo, Qiang Shen, Hong Yi Jiang, Lian Meng Zhang

Abstract: Nanocomposites and heavy doping both are regarded as effective way to improve materials’ thermoelectric properties. 0.7at% Bi-doped Mg2Si...

Authors: Xiao Li Ji, Lei Wei, Qi De Wu, Fe Xu

Abstract: In hard plastic extruding course, the frictional resistance among particles and between the particles and mould make the extruding pressure...

Authors: Song Zhang, Chuan Bin Wang, Qiang Shen, Lian Meng Zhang

Abstract: A group of boron-carbon ceramic material was in-situ synthesized and densified simultaneously via Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) technique...

Authors: Qi Wen Liu, Fei Chen, Qiang Shen, Lian Meng Zhang

Abstract: The radome performance is evaluated by means of a computer aided design (CAD) for the wall structure of multilayer ceramic radome in...

Authors: Wei Jun Luo, Mei Jun Yang, Qiang Shen, Hong Yi Jiang, Lian Meng Zhang

Abstract: The single phase of Bi-doped Mg2Si0.5Sn0.5 compounds have been successfully fabricated by solid state reaction-spark plasma sintering (SPS)....


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