Advanced Synthesis and Processing Technology for Materials

Volume 66

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ge Sun, Hao Wang, Wei Min Wang, Yu Cheng Wang, Zheng Yi Fu

Abstract: Ultra-fine zirconium diboride (ZrB2) powders have been synthesized by borothermal reduction reaction, using zirconium oxychloride...

Authors: Hao Wang, Wei Min Wang, Zheng Yi Fu

Abstract: Mullite-based FeCr multifunctional composites were prepared by reducing (Fe, Cr)-doped mullite solid solution powders with different Cr/Fe...

Authors: Ling Li, Yong Li, Hong Lin Yu, Fei Chen, Hong Sheng Wang, Hong Yi Jiang

Abstract: In this study, the porous silicon nitride ceramics with low permittivity was prepared by decomposition reaction of Si2N2O. The effect of...

Authors: Mei Juan Li, Qiang Shen, Fei Chen, Lian Meng Zhang, L.F. Yao

Abstract: Surface coating has been used to prepare nano-particle BN-AlN composite powder. Nano-BN was synthesized via in-situ reaction, coating on the...

Authors: Ming Zhong Li, Yong Hu, Fei Chen, Qiang Shen, Lian Meng Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, the molten aluminum erosion resistance of Al2TiO5/Al2O3 composites which were soaked in molten aluminum for long-time were...

Authors: Wei Guo, Wei Min Wang, Hao Wang, Yu Cheng Wang, Zheng Yi Fu

Abstract: The Indium Tin Oxide(ITO) is known as a poorly sinterable material. The Spark Plasma Sintering(SPS) and the hot-pressing sintering(HP) were...

Authors: Xia Zheng, Zheng Yi Fu, Jin Yong Zhang, Wei Min Wang, Hao Wang, Yu Cheng Wang, Soo Wohn Lee, Koichi Niihara

Abstract: Dense nanocrystalline Y2O3 ceramics without grain growth have been successfully obtained by a new method, which is based on the...

Authors: Ying Dai, Yao Sun, Wen Chen

Abstract: Willemite ceramics (Zn2SiO4) possess excellent millimeter-wave dielectric properties, but it also has a high sintering temperature above...

Authors: Yong Hu, Ming Zhong Li, Qiang Shen, Wei Ping Xu

Abstract: In the present paper, Al2TiO5-Al2O3 composites with 10, 20, 40, 60, 80, and 90 Vol. % of Al2O3 respectively were prepared by the sintering...

Authors: Yong Li, Xiao Li Zhang, Ling Li, Hong Sheng Wang, Hong Yi Jiang

Abstract: In this research, different amounts of LaCl3 were added to the lithium aluminum silicate (LAS) ceramics and the sample powder was prepared...


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