Advanced Synthesis and Processing Technology for Materials

Volume 66

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shirley Zhiqi Shen, Stuart Bateman, Chi Huynh, Mel Dell'Olio, Stephen Hawkins, Wei Dong Yang, Qiang Yuan Yang, Ke Feng Cai

Abstract: This paper compared the effect of aspect ratios and dispersions of carbon nanotubes (CNT) made in CSIRO, with a broad range of aspect ratios...

Authors: Zhian Luo, Jian Zhong Xiao

Abstract: Substrates of ytrria stabilized zirconia electrolyte were prepared by the ceramic injection molding, and then composite electrode slurry was...

Authors: Kai Jin Huang, Cun Shan Wang, Chang Sheng Xie

Abstract: To improve the wear property of magnesium alloy, wear-resistant TiC and in-situ ZrC co-reinforced Zr-based amorphous composite coating has...

Authors: Zhong Lai Yi, Heng Hu Sun, Jian Hua Wan, Chao Li

Abstract: With the benefits of rapid industrialization, there are inevitable problems such as energy depletion, resource exhaustion, and severe...

Authors: Jian Mei Xu, Zhen Min Jin, Hui Juan Gao

Abstract: Microwave dielectric ceramics with low sintering temperature were obtained by sol-coating method. The effect of glass additives on the...

Authors: Wei Dong Yang, Sheng Li, Dong Yang Wu, Mark Spicer, Voytek Gutowski, Shirley Zhiqi Shen

Abstract: A series of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids (i.e. sorbic acid, octanoic acid, lauric acid, stearic acid and oleic acid) were...

Authors: Fei Huang, Zheng Yi Fu, Ai Hua Yan, Tie Kun Jia, Wei Min Wang, Hao Wang, Yu Cheng Wang, Jin Yong Zhang

Abstract: TiO2/TiB2 heterostructures were successfully synthesized by a facile hydrothermal approach in an aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide...

Authors: Jian Rong Song, Qiang Shen, Jun Guo Li, Lian Meng Zhang

Abstract: In this work, ZrB2 powder coated with ZrO2 (ZrB2 @ ZrO2) were applied to promote the densification of ZrB2 prepared by pulsed electric...

Authors: Tao Wei, Zhi Xiong Huang, Guo Rui Yang, Min Xian Shi

Abstract: The PANI/PMN composite was prepared by one-step in-situ polymerization method and was characterized via FT-IR, XRD, SEM and TG. The results...

Authors: Hao Yan, Zhi Xiong Huang, Yan Bing Wang

Abstract: The Magnesium Niobate-Lead Titanate (PMN) / conductive carbon black (CB)/ chlorobutyl rubber(CIIR) composites were prepared by...


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