Influence of Superficial Gas Velocity on the Dynamic Characteristics Parameters of CFB


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The effects of superficial gas velocity (Ug) on the dynamic characteristics parameters (electrical conductivity, local phase holdup and minimum fluidization velocity (Ugmf)) of CFB were examined by the conductivity probe method. Experimental results show effects of Ug on electrical conductivity, local phase holdups and Ugmf are rather obvious. In radial direction, the further to gas distribution board, with Ug increased bubble distribution was more uniform, radial distribution of electrical conductivity was more uniform. When Ug increases, electrical conductivity increases, distribution of it is uneven. From test hole 2 upward, electrical conductivity decreases in different axial direction. With the increase of Ug, local gas phase (g) also increases gradually, local solid phase (s) also increases gradually, and at different region, its amplitude is different. When value of Ug is small, fluidized bed belongs to the fixed bed, and with the increase of Ug, glass particles suspend slowly to fluidized state. Simultaneously, Ugmf is greatly affected by particle content and particle size.



Edited by:

Yun Wu and Yijin Wu




H. L. Li et al., "Influence of Superficial Gas Velocity on the Dynamic Characteristics Parameters of CFB", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 663, pp. 953-957, 2013

Online since:

February 2013




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