A Significant Improvement in Mechanical Properties of near Eutectic Nb-Si Alloys


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In this paper, a significant improvement in mechanical and oxidation properties of near eutectic Nb–Si alloys by the addition of aluminum (Al) and control of microstructural length scale were studied. A comparative study of two alloys Nb-18.79at%Si and Nb-12.3at%Si-9at%Al were carried out. Compression test yields the ultimate strength of 1.8±0.1 GPa and engineering strain of 2.3±0.03%. In comparison, the binary Nb-18.79 at% Si alloy possesses an ultimate strength of 1.35±0.1 GPa and strain of 0.2±0.01% when processed under identical conditions. The indentation fracture toughness of Al containing suction cast alloy shows a value of 20.2±0.5 MPa which represents a major improvement over bulk Nb–Si eutectic alloy



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David M. Batisdas and Y.Q. Chang




Y. J. Jiang, "A Significant Improvement in Mechanical Properties of near Eutectic Nb-Si Alloys", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 668, pp. 789-793, 2013

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March 2013





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