Segregation Patterns and the Phase-Field 3D-Model for Adiabatic Phase Transition in Al-Cu Alloys


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In the paper, a model basing on solute conservative in every unit is developed for solving the solute diffusion equation during solidification. The model includes time-dependent calculations for temperature distribution, solute redistribution in the liquid and solid phases. Three-dimensional computations are performed for Al-Cu dendritic growth into an adiabatic and highly supersaturated liquid phase. A numerical algorithm was developed to explicitly track the sharp solid/liquid (S/L) interface on a fixed Cartesian grid. Three-dimensional mesoscopic calculations were performed to simulate the evolution of equiaxed dendritic morphologies.



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David M. Batisdas and Y.Q. Chang




H. M. Ding et al., "Segregation Patterns and the Phase-Field 3D-Model for Adiabatic Phase Transition in Al-Cu Alloys", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 668, pp. 870-874, 2013

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March 2013




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