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Authors: A.A.D.T. Adikaari, D.M.N.M. Dissanayake, N.K. Mudugamuwa, S.R.P. Silva
Abstract:Organic-inorganic photovoltaic systems which attempt to integrate benefits of both material types in terms of ease of fabrication, stability...
Authors: Ghim Wei Ho, Andrew See Weng Wong
Abstract:For any future cost-effective applications of inorganic nanostructures in particular hybrid photovoltaic cell, solution processable and...
Authors: S. Sundar Manoharan, Vimlesh Chandra
Abstract:Nano films of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE; commercially coded as Teflon) shows advantage over inorganic spacer materials like Al2O3 and MgO...
Authors: A.P. Srivastava, M. Srinivas, S. Sharma, Dinesh Srivastava, B. Majumdar, P.K. Pujari, G.K. Dey, K.G. Suresh
Abstract:Amorphous ribbons of composition Fe68.5Cu1Nb3Si18.5B9 were produced by melt spun unit. Positron annihilation technique along with DSC and XRD...
Authors: A.P. Srivastava, Dinesh Srivastava, K.G. Suresh, G.K. Dey
Abstract:Effect of copper addition in a Metallic glass 2714A on the nanocrystallization characteristics have been examined in this study. Amorphous...
Authors: Prasenjit Khanikar, Arun Kumar, Anandh Subramaniam
Abstract:A dislocation near a free surface feels a force towards the boundary, which is called the image force. In this investigation, a simple edge...
Authors: Rahul Sharma, Ramesh Chandra Agarwala, Vijaya Agarwala
Abstract:Single phase M-type barium hexaferrite nano radar absorbing material (NRAM) i.e., BaFe12O19 were synthesized by modified flux method that...
Authors: Rohit Kumar Gupta, Vijaya Agarwala, Sunayan Thakur, Ramesh Chandra Agarwala, Bhanu Pant
Abstract:High energy ball milling (HEBM) had been carried out to produce submicron size titanium aluminide intermetallics (TiAl) using elemental...
Authors: V. Anil Kumar, M.K. Karthikeyan, Rohit Kumar Gupta, P. Ramkumar, P.P. Sinha
Abstract:Severe plastic deformation processes (SPD) are gaining importance as advanced materials processing techniques and hold immense potential in...
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