Development of Electroless Ni-P/NRAM Nanocomposite Powder with Enhanced Microwave Absorption Properties


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Nano radar absorbing material (NRAM) i.e. BaMe2Fe16O27 (Me2+=Fe2+) powder (10 nm) is coated with amorphous Ni-P nano layer (5-10 nm) by using electroless (EL) technology to develop EL Ni-P/NRAM nanocomposite powder. The experimental processes parameters and EL Ni-P bath composition were optimized to obtain the deposition. As-deposited nanocomposite powder was microwave annealed (MWA) with increasing radiation power from 160 to 760 watts for 5 minutes. The surface morphology, elemental contents, phase transformation and magnetic properties of NRAM powders were examined under field emission scanning electron microscope (FESEM), transmission electron microscope (TEM), X-ray diffraction (XRD) and vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM) respectively. Maximum reflection loss (RL) 33.75 dB at 15.80 GHz for nanocomposite powder MWA at 760 watt was obtained the absorption range under −15 dB is from 13.76 to 16.77 GHz with 2 mm thickness layer in Ku Band. Excellent microwave absorption properties due to accurate electromagnetic (EM) match in the nanocomposite microstructure, a strong natural resonance and multipolarization. Such (Ni+ Ni3P)/NRAM nanocomposite powders may be attractive candidates for EM absorption.



Edited by:

S. Ray, S.K. Nath, A. Kumar, R.C. Agarwala, V. Agarwala, G.P. Chaudhari, B.S.S. Daniel






R. Sharma et al., "Development of Electroless Ni-P/NRAM Nanocomposite Powder with Enhanced Microwave Absorption Properties", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 67, pp. 59-64, 2009

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April 2009




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