Internal Force Calculation of Continuous Beam Considering Torsional Supports


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In frame structure, the Supports of secondary beam are frame beams or main beams, Support Beam rotation of the secondary beam to form certain constraints. General calculation method, for edge Supports, sometimes as fixed or hinged, the so-called “method of taking no account of torsion rigid”. In such cases, intermediate supports are usually as hinged, obviously not reasonable. We consider the torsional characteristics of all supports, according to torsional stiffness of the beam support. Therefore, we can become the continuous beam mode into the frame mode, so as to simplify the calculation, analyzed the influence of the torque, and should pay attention to the problem.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 671-674)

Edited by:

Yong Huang, Tai Bao and Hong Wang




S. Z. Liu, "Internal Force Calculation of Continuous Beam Considering Torsional Supports", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 671-674, pp. 843-846, 2013

Online since:

March 2013





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