Study on Industrial Automation with SCARA Robot Vision System Design


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To realize scara robot in industrial automation work environment identifying target objects independently, this paper puts forward a kind of machine vision solution based on opencv . First the k neighbor average filtering method and otsu is used to the initial image filtering and segmentation, and given a method based on pixel area, using the target object itself geometric characteristics and center of mass calibration to identify, locate purpose. The experimental results show that the system can achieve good object identification orientation effect in more complex industrial automation environment, so as to provide the necessary information for scara robot to grab target objects.This kind of robot vision system play an important role in industrial automation.



Edited by:

Helen Zhang, David Jin and X.J. Zhao




X. Wu et al., "Study on Industrial Automation with SCARA Robot Vision System Design", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 675, pp. 72-76, 2013

Online since:

March 2013




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