Impedance Response of Franklinite Films to Humidity and Propane


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Iron-Zinc oxide films were deposited by the well known ultrasonic spray pyrolysis method from an aqueous solution of iron nitrate and zinc acetate ([Zn]/[Fe] = 0.30). A Franklinite structure of these films turned out from XRD measurements. Additional basic characterization with UV-Vis and infrared spectroscopies and AFM was also performed. Electrical measurements under a small alternating current signal (15 mV RMS) were performed under dry air, humid air (53 % R:H.) and humid air plus propane. Frequency scans yielded sensitivities as high as 260% to humidity and  475% to propane at 30 °C. At 250 °C lower sensitivities were obtained, but in all cases the highest values came from the reactive response of the film. From dynamical response measurements, the response time was also assessed. The mechanisms of sensing are discussed as well.



Edited by:

S. Velumani and René Asomoza




A. Avila-García and C. Torres-Frausto, "Impedance Response of Franklinite Films to Humidity and Propane", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 68, pp. 109-115, 2009

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April 2009