Advances in Semiconducting Materials

Volume 68

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: José Luis Hidalgo-González, José Trinidad Elizalde Galindo, Christian E. Botez, José Andrés Matutes-Aquino

Abstract: Nanocrystalline Sm0.5Y0.5Co5 powders (average crystal size d = 12 nm) were produced by arc melting pure metals followed by mechanical...

Authors: Emilio Yáñez-Terrazas, Veronica Gallegos-Orozco, José Andrés Matutes-Aquino, Martha T. Ochoa-Lara, Francisco Espinosa-Magaña

Abstract: The dielectric properties of the intermetallic cubic Laves phase compound YFe2 were determined by analyzing the low loss region of the EELS...

Authors: Osvaldo Flores, Juan M. Zagal, Antonio Contreras-Cuevas, G. Rosas, Ramiro Pérez, L. Martínez

Abstract: The microstructure of FeAl40 intermetallic alloy produced by spray atomization and deposition, with boron additions and reinforced with...

Authors: Rodrigo A. Esparza, J. Ayala, C. Ángeles-Chávez, G. Rosas, Ramiro Pérez

Abstract: Mechanical milled powders of boron nitride were obtained. The microstructural characterization of these milled powders was carried out using...

Authors: Alejandro Avila-García, Carlos Torres-Frausto

Abstract: Iron-Zinc oxide films were deposited by the well known ultrasonic spray pyrolysis method from an aqueous solution of iron nitrate and zinc...

Authors: Jerry Wong, Patricia del C. Zambrano, Indira Escamilla, Bernardo Gonzalez, Victor Mucino, Rafael Colás

Abstract: The joining process by friction linear stir welding of aluminum strips was implemented in a machining center. The trials were conducted on 1...

Authors: José Trinidad Elizalde Galindo, Reiko Sato Turtelli, Roland Grössinger, José Andrés Matutes-Aquino

Abstract: Nanocrystalline YCo5 powders with high coercivity were prepared by mechanical milling and subsequent heat treatment at 820 °C for different...

Authors: José Lemus-Ruiz, Ana L. Salas-Villaseñor, Osvaldo Flores

Abstract: Solid-state direct diffusion bonding between commercially pure nickel and tungsten carbide (with 6%Cobalt) has been carried out in the...

Authors: Jesús Lugo-Quintal, Luis Díaz-Ballote, Lucien Veleva, Antonio Contreras-Cuevas

Abstract: The corrosion behavior in NaCl solutions at different pH values of Al-Cu-Li/SiCp and Al-Cu/SiCp composites fabricated by co-spraying...

Authors: María Cristina Grijalva Castillo, José Andrés Matutes-Aquino

Abstract: Energy band structure and density of states of the compound Y(Co,Fe)5 were obtained by the augmented spherical wave method. Also the...


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