Assessment of Shear Behaviors of a Web Panel with Free Lower Boundary


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Shear behaviors of a web panel are changed by web boundary conditions and web panel with free web boundary has been reported by severe corrosion damage. In this study, post shear buckling behaviors of web panel with free-lower web boundary was examined to evaluate its shear failures and strengths depending on its web boundary changed by corrosion. Thus, nonlinear finite element analyses were carried out to identify their post buckling behaviors. Their shear behaviors and shear failure mode were compared as well as comparisons of their behaviors depending on aspect ratio and boundary conditions.



Edited by:

Brendan Gan, Y. Gan and Y. Yu




J. H. Ahn et al., "Assessment of Shear Behaviors of a Web Panel with Free Lower Boundary", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 684, pp. 120-124, 2013

Online since:

April 2013




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