Utilization of Splice Skew Joint with Key on Reconstruction of Historical Trusses


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Currently, for reconstruction of historical trusses traditional carpentry joints are used. For many years these joints are constructed in the same way. Unfortunately, the mechanical behaviour of these joints and influence of their parts and geometry of joints to the joint stiffness are not well known. To improve these joints, it is necessary to know their behaviour. This paper describes a study recently completed on the vertical splice skew joint with a key. Experimental tests were performed and compared to the numerical results of three-dimensional finite element model created using ATENA 3D.



Edited by:

Rostislav Drochytka and Jan Vanerek




K. Šobra and P. Fajman, "Utilization of Splice Skew Joint with Key on Reconstruction of Historical Trusses", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 688, pp. 207-212, 2013

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May 2013




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