Ultra-Precision Machining Technologies, CJICUPM2008

Volumes 69-70

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.69-70

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Authors: Ju Long Yuan, Zhi Wei Wang, Miao Qian, Dong Qiang Yu

Abstract: This paper analyzes the property parameters influences of semi-fixed abrasive plate on the ‘trap’ effect with discrete element simulation by...

Authors: Shi Ming Ji, Li Zhang, Ming Sheng Jin, Qiao Ling Yuan, Ya Qi Shen

Abstract: Polishing is an important technics processing in order to obtain the high quality surface of mould in industry mould manufacture. For the...

Authors: Cai Xu Yue, Xian Li Liu, Dong Kai Jia, Shu Yi Ji, Yuan Sheng Zhai

Abstract: A 3D model is established in this paper to simulate cutting process of PCBN tool cylindrical cutting hardened steel GCr15 using...

Authors: Yu Ping Ma, Ming Chen, Fang Hong Sun

Abstract: Diamond films was deposited on cemented carbide tools with two-step pretreatment method under different distances between the substrates and...

Authors: Dong Hui Wen, Xian Li Liu, Tao Hong

Abstract: The formation mechanisms and properties of white layers produced in precision hard part machining of GCr15 hardened steels are not clearly...

Authors: Wei Peng, F.Q. Liu, C.Y. Yao

Abstract: The interfacial bonding strength between ultraviolet-curing resin and diamond is a key factor affecting tool properties in manufacturing of...

Authors: Yang Wang, Li Jun Yang, J. Tang, L. Li, Yan Bin Chen

Abstract: The processing effect using water-jet guided laser micromachining technology is determined by the accurate coupling of focused laser and...

Authors: Yan Wei Zhao, J.F. Du, Si Wei Wen, Yuan Kun Gui

Abstract: Based on virtual prototyping technology, dynamic simulation of PE-1 type ultra-precision double-sided polishing machine and its technologic...


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