Processing of WC-Co Cemented Carbide Balls by Rotated Dual-Plates Lapping Machine


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In this paper, the batch processing of Φ35mm WC-Co cemented carbide balls used in one-way value is studied by rotated dual-plates (RDP) lapping machine. On the basis of this innovated equipment, the processing parameters, including abrasive grain, rotating velocity and load, are changed legitimately in experiment. The experimental results show that the abrasive grain is used from big to small, while the rotating velocity and load are gradually reduced in order to improve the uniformity of lapping trace distribution on the ball surface in batch processing. Finally the rational course and parameters are defined, these WC-Co cemented carbide balls satisfy the products’ final demand which means the sphericity error (Rnd) is less than 1μm and the roughness of surface (Ra) is better than 50nm. Because of the feasibility, the precision of final WC-Co cemented carbide balls improves and can be applied in one-way value used in oil exactor.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 69-70)

Edited by:

Julong Yuan, Shiming Ji, Donghui Wen and Ming Chen






D. S. Chen et al., "Processing of WC-Co Cemented Carbide Balls by Rotated Dual-Plates Lapping Machine", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 69-70, pp. 277-281, 2009

Online since:

May 2009




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