Study of Active Vibration Control for Flexible Beam’s Vibration


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The attenuation of structure vibration is very slow when flexible strucure is stirred external force. It seriously affected the life of flexible structure. Smart structures used piezoelectric ceramics as actuators are an effective manner to solve the problem. This paper uses Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) as sensors and piezoelectric ceramics as actuators to study the active vibration control for the resonance of the smart beam. Two groups of piezoelectric ceramics will be used for vibration exciter and vibration abatement, respectively. The fiber smart beam is excited to a sharp vibration nearby the particular resonance frequency by controlling the frequency of the vibration excitation. The vibration signal is measured by the FBG sensors and the close loop feedback control is fulfilled by the vibration abatement group, and the vibration amplitude of the fiber smart beam is abated. The experiment results show that the resonance amplitude of the beam is obviously abated by adjusting the frequency, amplitude and phase of the vibration abatement circuit.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 69-70)

Edited by:

Julong Yuan, Shiming Ji, Donghui Wen and Ming Chen






L. Zhang et al., "Study of Active Vibration Control for Flexible Beam’s Vibration", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 69-70, pp. 685-689, 2009

Online since:

May 2009




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