Ultra-Precision Machining Technologies, CJICUPM2008

Volumes 69-70

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.69-70

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Authors: Xun Lv, Ju Long Yuan, Yang Yu Wang, Qian Fa Deng

Abstract: To improve efficiency in ultra-precision lapping germanium (Ge) substrate, a new ultra-precise process technology is introduced in this...

Authors: Ding Hua Zhang, Ying Zhang, Bao Hai Wu

Abstract: Due to different datum position and inevitable distortion from the linear friction welding process, the nominal CAD model from the design...

Authors: Guo Sheng Geng, Jiu Hua Xu

Abstract: High Speed Machining (HSM) has been proved to be useful in the machining of many materials. This research is concerned with the performance...

Authors: Bin Jiang, Min Li Zheng, Wen Chao Xu, L. Jiang

Abstract: Using grey system theory in axiomatic design of high speed face milling cutter, the structural design method of cutter was investigated. The...

Authors: Jing Chun Feng, Yu Han Wang, Ming Chen, Jin Sen Wang

Abstract: NURBS interpolation has many advantages over the traditional linear or circular interpolation in high-speed machining. The existing work in...

Authors: Ya Jun Liu, Jia Bin Huang, Meng Yang Qin, Wei Xia, Yong Tang

Abstract: This paper gives the details of High Speed Milling experiments with AISI 52100 steel (HRC52) by using coated carbide end mills. Cutting...

Authors: Shi Guo Han, Jun Zhao, Xiao Feng Zhang

Abstract: In five-axis high speed milling of freeform surface with ball-end cutters, unwanted machining results are usually introduced by some error...

Authors: Tao Chen, Xian Li Liu, G.T. Luo, Fu Gang Yan, Dong Kai Jia

Abstract: In this paper, FEM is used to simulate the three stages of catastrophic shear occurrence, expansion and shear band formation when serrated...

Authors: Yan Ming Quan, Joseph A. Arsecularatne, Liang Chi Zhang

Abstract: High speed machining (HSM) is finding wider applications due to its economic advantages, such as faster material removal rates, and its...

Authors: Meng Luo, Li Qiu Zhang, Ming Chen

Abstract: High nickel-base alloy, such as G3, is famous for its corrosion resistant, high intensity and other characteristic, which is popular in...


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