Ultra-Precision Machining Technologies, CJICUPM2008

Volumes 69-70

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.69-70

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Authors: Z.F. Wang, Guan Wang, Shi Ming Ji, J.H. Sun

Abstract: A parallel micromanipulator (PmM) which can be applied into the precision machining is optimized in the paper. This paper adopts a...

Authors: Chu Yun Jin, R. Lan, W.Y. Zhao

Abstract: The subdivision calculation method of a subdivision surface plays an important role on the precision of a surface reconstruction. This...

Authors: Wei Jiang, X.G. Qiu, Guo Zhong Chai, Jian Xing Zhou

Abstract: Superpave Gyratory Compactor (SGC) is used to design high quality mix asphalt specimen. In this research the structure of the SGC was...

Authors: Wan Liang Wang, F.G. Zhao, Yan Wei Zhao, N. Su, F. Zhang

Abstract: Common platform design for product families is an important step in the modularity field. It is impossible to find the similar components in...

Authors: Xin Hua Dai, Wan Liang Wang, Yan Wei Zhao, H.X. Teng

Abstract: Double-workshop mixed chlor-alkali planned model production process is a multi-level multi-product multi-constraint mixed batch planning...

Authors: Yan Wei Zhao, F. Zhang, M.Y. Zhang, Jian Chen, N. Su

Abstract: The interface was regarded as standard and not considered in traditional configuration design, which made it difficult to apply to the...

Authors: Huai Rong Shi, R.Y. Rui, Yi Fang Wen

Abstract: While to consider the function of compression coil spring in a static state, the most important is the needs of dynamic characteristics. We...

Authors: Wei Jiang, X.G. Qiu, Guo Zhong Chai, Jian Xing Zhou

Abstract: Noise reduction in piston pumps has been being the focus research. Many methods have been designed to smooth it. Research shows that noise...

Authors: Bai Song Pan, H.L. Gong, Ting Hong Peng, Miao Zhang

Abstract: For the excellent characters such as lightweight, high ratio-strength, high rigidity and reuse, magnesium alloy is used widely in vehicle...

Authors: X.M. Feng, Guang Yu Tan, Guan Hui Li, Yu Hua Zhang

Abstract: The paper presented a method of designing grooves of turning insert with 3D complex groove; and deduced equation calculating the width of...


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