Ultra-Precision Machining Technologies, CJICUPM2008

Volumes 69-70

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.69-70

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Authors: Yong Zhang, Xiao Zong Song, Fei Hu Zhang

Abstract: For producing ultra smooth surface, a nanoparticle colloid jet machining system has been designed and manufactured in which a reversible...

Authors: Li Zhang, Dong Hui Wen, Shi Ming Ji, Qiao Ling Yuan, Zhen Hao Xu

Abstract: The rough surfaces and non-uniform thicknesses of chemically vapor-deposited (CVD) diamond films and substrates affect their industrial...

Authors: Shi Ming Ji, Bin Gong, Qiao Ling Yuan, Y. Pan, Li Zhang

Abstract: Mould manufacturing involves a large number of groove, slot, hole, prism, pyramid and narrow special-shaped surface called structural...

Authors: Ji Hua Wu, Zhan Qiang Liu

Abstract: In micro-cutting, the uncut chip thickness is comparable or even less than the tool edge radius and as a result a chip will not be generated...

Authors: Q.L. Zhao, J.Y. Chen

Abstract: There has been increased interest in the use of SiC due to its excellent physical and mechanical properties. The diamond grinding process of...

Authors: Xue Feng Xu, H.T. Ma, B.X. Ma, Wei Peng

Abstract: In order to increase the material removal rate of silicon wafer, composite abrasives slurry was used in CMP. The mechanism of interaction...

Authors: Hui Chen, Zhen Long Wang, Zi Long Peng, Ying Huai Dong, Wan Sheng Zhao

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to study electrochemical micro machining (ECM) technology on stainless steel. The micro machining of stainless...

Authors: Xun Lv, Ju Long Yuan

Abstract: Silver electrode layer of piezoelectric ceramic transducer requires good surface quality and high efficiency. Efficiency of traditional...

Authors: Ming Huan Wang, Qiao Fang Zhang, C.Y. Yao, Wei Peng

Abstract: The machining of materials on microscopic scales is considered to be great importance to a wide variety of fields. Electrochemical...

Authors: Zai Liang Chen, C.Y. Wang, Zheng Qiang Tang

Abstract: This paper introduces the TFT-LCD (Tablet Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Displayer) module process that is composed by two stages, JI (JISO)...


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