Ultra-Precision Machining Technologies, CJICUPM2008

Volumes 69-70

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.69-70

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Authors: Ping Zhao, K.F. Tang, Zhi Wei Wang, Jia Jie Chen, Ju Long Yuan, X.H. He

Abstract: To evaluate the characteristics of semi-fixed abrasive plate (SAP), several parameters and relevant measurement methods are developed. The...

Authors: Shi Chao Xiu, Peng Bo Xiu, Shi Qiang Gao

Abstract: The hybrid journal bearing with the high rigidity and rotation accuracy has been used in super-high speed grinding machine in some cases....

Authors: Jing Shu Hu, Yuan Sheng Zhai, Fu Gang Yan, Yu Fu Li, Xian Li Liu

Abstract: In the cutting process, cutting force is one of the important physical parameters, which affects the generation of cutting heat, tool life...

Authors: Fu Gang Yan, Cai Xu Yue, Xian Li Liu, Yu Fu Li, Shu Yi Ji

Abstract: Tool wear plays an important role in cutting process research. It affects the quality of machined surface and cutting parameter to a great...

Authors: Yue Hua Wan, Guan Wang

Abstract: The polishing robot can serve the polishing work and realize the fully automation for obtaining much higher polishing efficiency and...

Authors: Cai Xu Yue, Xian Li Liu, Hong Min Pen, Jing Shu Hu, Xing Fa Zhao

Abstract: Tool wear plays an important part during cutting process, and wear loss has a close relationship with cutting condition, which affects...

Authors: Yan Pei Liao, Cheng Yong Wang, Ying Ning Hu, Yue Xian Song

Abstract: The influence of different dispersants and suspending agents of CeO2 polishing powder was investigated, including sodium hexametaphosphate,...

Authors: C.Y. Yao, Wei Peng, Ming Huan Wang, F.Q. Liu

Abstract: Diamond wire saw is the leading technology for use in cutting hard brittle material. Its smaller kerf and faster cutting time make it...

Authors: Li Jun Yang, M.L. Wang, Yang Wang, J. Tang, Yan Bin Chen

Abstract: Water-jet guided laser micromachining is the new development orientation of laser machining. This paper set up the numerical model on the...

Authors: Xiao Dong Hu, Y. Zhang, Jian Hua Yao, Z.J. Chen

Abstract: The stability of powder feeding is important to guarantee the quality of the laser remanufacturing. In order to detect and control the...


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