The Hydrodynamic Analysis of Propeller Based on ANSYS-CFX


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In this paper, the open water performance of a pod propeller in the viscous flow fields is numerically simulated by the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) method. Based on the coordinate transformation formula for transforming the local to the global coordinate, mathematical model of a propeller is created. Thrust and torque coefficients corresponding to different advance coefficients of the model are calculated by ANSYS-CFX with three different turbulence models. The pressure distributions on the blade surface are also presented. Comparisons show that experimental results and numerical results agree well, with SST k-ω and RNG k-ε more accurate than the standard k-ε.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 694-697)

Edited by:

Xianghua Liu, Kaifeng Zhang and Mingzhe Li






D. Z. Wang et al., "The Hydrodynamic Analysis of Propeller Based on ANSYS-CFX", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 694-697, pp. 673-677, 2013

Online since:

May 2013




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