Studies on Thermophilic Bioleaching of Chalcopyrite toward Heap Application


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In a series of studies, various aspects of thermophilic bioleaching of chalcopyrite minerals and concentrates have been analyzed. Although the main objective was the elucidation of the catalytic effect of thermophiles in leaching chalcopyrite, various other new findings contributed to a better understanding of interactions among chemical, physicochemical and biological factors, which influence the bioleaching of chalcopyrite with thermophiles. Additionally, in order to bridge laboratory results and field applications, novel mathematical models as well as an alternative method to efficiently leach chalcopyrite without thermophiles are the contributions of this research.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 71-73)

Edited by:

Edgardo R. Donati, Marisa R. Viera, Eduardo L. Tavani, María A. Giaveno, Teresa L. Lavalle, Patricia A. Chiacchiarini






J. Vilcáez et al., "Studies on Thermophilic Bioleaching of Chalcopyrite toward Heap Application", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 71-73, pp. 357-360, 2009

Online since:

May 2009




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