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Authors: Corale L. Brierley
Abstract:Bioleaching/minerals biooxidation and bioremediation have been widely used commercially for heap/dump bioleaching of secondary copper sulfide...
Authors: R. Amils, E. González-Toril, A. Aguilera, N. Rodríguez, D. Fernández-Remolar, E. Diaz, A. García-Moyano, Jose Luis Sanz
Abstract:Rio Tinto (Iberian Pyritic Belt, SW Spain) is a natural extreme acidic environment with a rather constant acidic pH (mean pH value 2.3) and a...
Authors: Cecilia S. Demergasso
Abstract:The paper “Bacterial succession in bioheap leaching” [1] initiated the search for methods to analyze the microbial dynamics in bioleaching...
Authors: Kevin B. Hallberg
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