Biohydrometallurgy 2009

Volumes 71-73

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lukasz Drewniak, Renata Matlakowska, Aleksandra Sklodowska

Abstract: The aim of this review report was to summarize knowledge about arsenic-metabolizing bacteria isolated from Zloty Stok (SW Poland) gold mine...

Authors: Sabrina Hedrich, Elke Heinzel, Jana Seifert, Michael Schlömann

Abstract: The capacity of a microbiological mine water treatment plant may to be enhanced by understanding the microbiological processes. Therefore...

Authors: Naomi J. Boxall, Jason J. Plumb, Amanda L. Tilbury, Hugh J. Nyeboer, Matt E. Sumich, D.C. Sutton

Abstract: When bauxite is digested during Bayer processing, associated organic compounds and humic acids are degraded to produce sodium salts of...

Authors: S. Motamedi, R. Marandi, S.F. Mazhar

Abstract: Corrosion is the destructive effect of environment on metals and alloys. Corrosion is a spontaneous phenomenon which causes metal conversion...

Authors: C. Granada, S. Revah, Sylvie Le Borgne

Abstract: Alkaliphilic sulfur-oxidizing bacteria were isolated from an alkaliphilic microbial consortium used to treat H2S at pH>9 in a laboratory...

Authors: David S. Holmes, Juan Pablo Cárdenas, Jorge H. Valdés, Raquel Quatrini, M. Esparza, Hector Osorio, F. Duarte, C. Lefimil, Eugenia Jedlicki

Abstract: The metabolic potential of 16 bioleaching microorganisms (Eubacteria and Archaea) has been investigated, allowing the prediction of...

Authors: R.A. Bobadilla Fazzini, Pilar Parada Valdecantos

Abstract: The role of biomolecules in bioleaching of copper sulphide minerals carried out by bacterial consortia with predominating acidithiobacilli...

Authors: N. Ehrenfeld, Andres Aravena, A. Reyes-Jara, M. Barreto, R. Assar, A. Maass, Pilar Parada Valdecantos

Abstract: Results from a high density microarray having 32,392 50-mer oligonucleotides, termed BMS2.1, were analyzed and used for the design of a new...

Authors: Carla M. Zammit, L.A. Mutch, Helen R. Watling, Elizabeth L.J. Watkin

Abstract: Various methods of nucleic acid (NA) extraction were investigated with the aim of developing a quantitative method of NA extraction from...

Authors: A. Amouric, C. Appia-Ayme, A. Yarzabal, Violaine Bonnefoy

Abstract: The acidophilic and strictly chemolithoautotrophic bacterium Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans oxidizes ferrous (Fe(II)) to ferric (Fe(III))...


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