The Research of Cancer Imaging by X-Ray In-Line Phase Contrast Imaging Technique


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The hard X-ray in-line phase contrast imaging (HXILPCI) is a phase contrast technique that generates excellent contrast of biological soft tissues compared to conventional X-ray absorption radiography. We explore the application of HXILPCI in the diagnosis of gastric cancer and pancreatic cancer. These nude mice cancer samples were checked by HXILPCI to obtain projection contrast images of 9μm image resolution with CCD camera. The texture extraction was based on gray level co-occurrence matrix (GLCM). The corresponding morphological features of abnormal and normal tissues are analyzed. The produced phase contrast images of nude mice cancer samples show clearly biological tissues architectures and the size of cancer. The paper results show that HXILPCI can be a potential noninvasive technique to diagnose early cancer.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 718-720)

Edited by:

Andy Wu




Q. Tao and S. Q. Luo, "The Research of Cancer Imaging by X-Ray In-Line Phase Contrast Imaging Technique", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 718-720, pp. 2099-2102, 2013

Online since:

July 2013




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