Recent Advancement on Material Science and Manufacturing Technologies

Volume 721

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jing Yang Chen, Li Jun Liu, Xiang Hui Li, Ming Xue, La Mei Cao

Abstract: The effects of applied tensile stress on the microstructural stability of a third generation single crystal superalloy DD10 have been...

Authors: Chen Li, Yan Hong Tian, Xue Jun Zhang

Abstract: Using dodecyl benzenesulfonic acid (DBSA) as surfactant, composites of polyaniline (PANI)/activated carbon (AC) with core-shell structures...

Authors: Xian Liang Sun, Ai Qin Tian, Wen Bin Chen, San San Ding, Shang Lei Yang

Abstract: The fatigue fracture and the microstructure of Al5Zn2Mg high strength aluminum alloy were observed by OM, SEM and TEM, and the low cycle...

Authors: Chang Qing Li, Pei Jia Liu, Yong Mei Wang, K. Murakami

Abstract: Er-dispersed silicon-rich silicon oxide (SRSO:Er) films have been fabricated by pulsed laser ablation technique. After deposition, the films...

Authors: Qing Xin Yao, Jian Jun Xie, Jun Xia Liu

Abstract: The saponification conditions for bentonite/sodium lignosulfonate graft acrylamide and maleic anhydride adsorbent composites (BLPAMA)...

Authors: Duo Cao, Xin Hong Cheng, Ting Ting Jia, Da Wei Xu, Li Zheng, Zhong Jian Wang, Chao Xia, Yue Hui Yu

Abstract: Plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition (PEALD) method can decrease film growing temperature, and allow in-situ plasma treatment. LaAlO3...

Authors: Xiao Ming Wang, Sheng Zhu, Qing Chang, Xue Qiang Feng, Yu Xiang Liu

Abstract: Deposition behavior of Al-Si particles coated on magnesium alloy by Supersonic Particles Deposition (SPD) was investigated by numerical...

Authors: Hong Cheng Pan, Xue Peng Li, Wei Hong Liu, Yan Bin Ren

Abstract: ZnS thin films were deposited on indium–tin-oxide (ITO) coated glass substrates by a chemical bath deposition method. Then the ZnS/ITO...

Authors: Shu Dong Li, Feng Wu Wang, Mai Xu, Wen Yan Fang, Xiao Yun Yan

Abstract: The Ti/PbO2 electrode doped with Pr2O3 was prepared by the electrodeposition method. The X-ray diffraction...


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