Recent Advancement on Material Science and Manufacturing Technologies

Volume 721

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xu Xiao Hu, Xin Rong Xu, Gang Chen, Han Tao Chen

Abstract: In order to reduce the influence of environmental temperature changes, the drive part mixed control strategy of PI and based on output...

Authors: Dong Mei Liu, Hang Xu Yang

Abstract: At present, it is mostly the wheel or caterpillar of large mechanical equipment to finish the transportation operation in the mountainous...

Authors: Chao Zhong, Li Kun Wang, Lei Qin, Jing Jing Zhou, Cui Ying Chen, Jing Jing Liu

Abstract: According to electro-mechanical equivalent principle, piezoelectric tube stack electro-mechanical equivalent circuit is derived by the...

Authors: Jun Hua Xi, Xuan Sheng Hu, Jun Zhang, Hong Xia Li, Zhen Guo Ji

Abstract: LIBS of aluminum under the ambient pressure from 1 atm to 10 Pa were implemented. Results showed that the temperature of plasma increased...

Authors: Zheng Yang, Li Wu, Xin Fa Dong

Abstract: In order to improve the operation of the elevator comfort, this paper uses the frequency conversion technology, PLC technology and field bus...

Authors: Zhao Lin Han, Huan Ma, Long Ling Ge

Abstract: Regarding the Active Disturbances Rejection Controller (ADRC) as main line, this present paper has Introduced Extended State Observer (ESO),...

Authors: Yi Bing Liu

Abstract: Having fully considered the influence of gas-liquid interfacial friction on the heat transfer characteristics of heat pipe within the...

Authors: Long Hui Wang, Song Gao, Xing Qu, Yao Geng Tang

Abstract: The hot metal silicon content is important for the quality of the iron, but also as an indicator of the thermal state of the furnace. In...

Authors: Zhi Sen Zhang, Ling Ling, Bai Hai Wu, Zhen Sheng Chen, Jun Hao Li

Abstract: By the synchronizing time, the synchronizing force was controlled reasonably. The impact factors on synchronizing were analyzed and the...

Authors: Ya Li Liao, Yu Feng Yao

Abstract: This article mainly analyzes that some steels select mold electromagnetic stirring technique in billet continuous casting production,...


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