Recent Advancement on Material Science and Manufacturing Technologies

Volume 721

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chao Xia, Xin Hong Cheng, Zhong Jian Wang, Da Wei He, Duo Cao, Ting Ting Jia, Yue Hui Yu, Da Shen Shen

Abstract: Conventional super-junction lateral double diffused MOSFET (SJ-LDMOS) fabricated on Silicon on Insulator (SOI) substrate suffers from low...

Authors: Lei Yao, Jun Mei, Jian Yong Zheng, Bin Liu, You Xu

Abstract: In order to limit the short-circuit current, and to prevent the power grid and its equipment from the shock of the short circuit, the fault...

Authors: Wu Yang Huang, Bin Lin, Xiao Fei Dong

Abstract: The high-speed hybrid ceramic bearing system is simulated by FLUENT, and its temperature rise characteristics under different situations are...

Authors: Wen Biao Zhang, Shu Min Wan, Bin Lin, Meng Lai Zhu

Abstract: The roll-on process of the ship loader is studied with the finite element method in this paper. The principle and the scheme of the...

Authors: Jing Chen, Ze Long Yang, Xian Xuan Li

Abstract: Aiming to improve the dynamic and static characteristics of a type of machining center column, the finite element modal analysis and...

Authors: Sai Wu, Jun Hai Zhao, Er Gang Xiong

Abstract: Based on the finite element analysis software ANSYS/LS-DYNA, this paper numerically analyzed the dynamic performance of MTCCCs with...

Authors: Li Hua Wang, An Ning Huang, Guang Wei Liu

Abstract: The curve negotiation ability and lateral stability are the important and contradictory indicators when evaluating the dynamic performance...

Authors: Xiao Bo Peng, Chi Hou, Xiao Peng Wan

Abstract: This paper presents the development and validation of an auto-modeling technology for generating the finite element models of multi-bolt...

Authors: Ming Xing Qiu, Jian Jun Wang, Zhen Xing Wang, Zhan Ying Li

Abstract: The conical surface sealing performance of a pipe connection fit (PCF) has been studied by means of an equivalent mechanical model and the...

Authors: Yu Hou, Zhi Jing Zhang, Yan Xia Guo, Jiu Qiang Feng, Jie Luo

Abstract: The torsional vibration model of main drive system for 6-high cold rolling mill was established. Calculation formula of torque amplification...


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