Recent Advancement on Material Science and Manufacturing Technologies

Volume 721

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Ou Pan, Jie Han, Qiang Wang, Ji Song Fu, Jian Nan Liu

Abstract: The Digital Projection Speckle Correlation Method (DPSCM) is a non-contact full-field optical 3D profile and deformation measurement...

Authors: Xiao Ou Pan, Jie Han, Qiang Wang, Ji Song Fu, Jian Nan Liu

Abstract: Digital Projection Speckle Correlation Method is a new technique of 3D morphology measurements based on Digital Speckle Correlation...

Authors: Zhao Xia Fu, Li Ming Wang

Abstract: The moving object detection of the video image is the basis of sequence image analysis, and it is the research hot issue of today’s foreign...

Authors: Xu Xiao Hu, Han Tao Chen, Gang Chen, Xin Rong Xu

Abstract: In order to increase the control precision in meeting the robust request, a step by step sliding mode variable structure adaptive control...

Authors: Yan Ping Liu, Yu Gang Qi, An Jun Liu, Xiao Wei Zhang, An Guo Teng, Juan Tang, Wen Juan Zhang, Long Gui Shi

Abstract: In this study, the herbal compound beverage of Radix astragali (HCBRA) was explored and the immuno-enhancement effects of HCBRA were...

Authors: Dong Gen Huang, Jian Hui Zhen, Shui Qing Quan, Miao Liu, Lei Liu

Abstract: The objective of this study was to determine and assess niclosamide residue levels in the Nan Ji Shan island within Poyang Lake Region, from...

Authors: Guang Hua Yin, Wen Hui Li, Jian Gu, Liang Hao, Zuo Xin Liu

Abstract: To improve the spring maizes water use efficiency (WUE) in a semi-arid of northeast, the research of limited supplementary irrigation...

Authors: Yi Miao Nie, Bin Wang, Miao Chen, Shu Xian Liu

Abstract: The properties of the flue dust of an iron-making plant and the results of separation experiment were given. The test results show that the...

Authors: Xi Yin Lou

Abstract: In this paper, the material selection in green design is the product design as far as possible to choose green materials; green material...

Authors: Yuan Yan Yu

Abstract: This work describes the aqueous-solution technique preparation and characterization of the complex between human-like collagen and copper...


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