Recent Advancement on Material Science and Manufacturing Technologies

Volume 721

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hu Hao, Yu Jun Lu, Ju Yin Qin, Ling Lin Liang, Lu Lin

Abstract: In order to define the relationship between various product working conditions and product types choosing design, product types choosing...

Authors: Bo Gao, Yu Dong, De Ming Liu

Abstract: With computer technology contentiously improving, parametric design has been playing much more important role in architectural design....

Authors: Hai Bo Sun, Yi Guo, Su Bo Tian

Abstract: With the help of SolidWorks, the three-dimensional modeling of seedling vegetable harvester was virtually designed based on the harvesting...

Authors: Hang Gao, Yu Zhu Li

Abstract: The comprehensive application and potential danger of high temperature autoclave was discussed. The influence of thermal stress of autoclave...

Authors: Xiao Yong Chen

Abstract: In this paper, an optimized method of orthogonal experiment design is studied to determine the processing parameters in order to minimize...

Authors: Lin Lin Yang, Xiu Ying Tang, Jie Shi, Huan Zou, Xi Wang

Abstract: This paper summarized the current advantages and disadvantages of flotation column, put forward a new type of flotation device - ring...

Authors: Yi Guo, Song Dong, Su Bo Tian

Abstract: Based on STC89C52RC Single Chip microcontroller, the control system of seedling vegetable harvester was designed with the help of modular...

Authors: Jia Jia Mo, Yi Jui Chiu, Dar Zen Chen

Abstract: We propose a lower limb rehabilitation device to assist people with impairment in regaining the ability of legs. The device consists of...

Authors: Yan Pei Liao, Jing Biao Deng, Cheng Cheng Fei

Abstract: It is difficult to disassembly and time-consuming when the turnover drum need to repair or maintenance due to the turnover drum is a complex...

Authors: Fan Zhi Jiang, Jian Yi Kong, De Gang Ouyang

Abstract: In order to solve the problem of cracks of the double regenerative burner, six kinds of low stress pass structures were newly developed and...


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