Recent Advancement on Material Science and Manufacturing Technologies

Volume 721

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shu Fang Li, Shuang Guo Niu

Abstract: Based on the analysis on architectural characteristics of the training facilities for college physical education and in the light of...

Authors: Yan Bin Cui, Hui Li

Abstract: The paper describes the whole process of design of the cavity parts taking the ashtay ,which is common in our life, as an...

Authors: Peng Shang, Zhi Ping Cui, Wen Tao Zang, Shao Wen Song, Yu Ming Guan

Abstract: In the paper, the main structural of the bucket wheel stacker reclaimer was designed based on Virtual Prototype Technology. Firstly the...

Authors: Zhen Li, Xiao Jing Shang

Abstract: Design a scalable plastering machine for the traditional plastering machine problems in the structural design. On the basis of the...

Authors: Hai Feng Lv, Jun Fan Zhao

Abstract: Structural monitoring systems using MEMS sensor and labview software have the potential to serve as low-cost alternatives to commercially...

Authors: Wen Feng Duan, Chang Liu, Bao Zhu Cao

Abstract: The use of concrete-filled steel tubes in different areas of construction is becoming an attractive solution because of its remarkable...

Authors: Su Chao Xu, T.Y. Liu

Abstract: Advance support is an effective anchoring method in the tunnel construction especially for the tunnels getting through the weak and broken...

Authors: Li Li Wang, Xiao Qing Zhang, Liang Liang Xu

Abstract: The pipelines distribute extensively in China, but pipelines cracks caused pipeline damaged frequently. Once the pipeline’s cracks are...

Authors: Cheng Bei, Shi Wei Li, Ray K.L. Su

Abstract: Coupling beams are essential structural elements of reinforced concrete coupled shear wall to resist earthquakes and other lateral loads....

Authors: Juan Wang, Jun Hai Zhao, Sai Wu, Nan Li

Abstract: Based on the twin shear unified strength theory, analyzing the condition of load for the steel tube and the core-concrete under tri-axial...


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