Recent Advancement on Material Science and Manufacturing Technologies

Volume 721

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shou Hai Li, Xue Juan Yang, Kun Huang, Mei Li, Jian Ling Xia

Abstract: Novel dimer fatty acids-based vinyl ester resin monomer was prepared via simple ring-opening and esterification reaction with the aid of...

Authors: Cai Xiu Luo, Ying Mao Xie

Abstract: A photonic crystal optical switch based on the electric field control character of the liquid crystal (LC) is proposed and investigated...

Authors: Hong Xia Liang, Zhi Lin Wang

Abstract: The electrochemical behavior of zinc electrode with indium addition in 35%KOH(or saturated with ZnO) solutions has been investigated...

Authors: Yang Ge, Ke Shuai Lu, Xue Yan Su

Abstract: These stable self-assembled nanoparticles were characterized by dynamic light scattering, transmission electron microscopy, and atomic force...

Authors: Wan Li Yu, Xiao Peng Jia, Qing Xi Yuan

Abstract: Crystal defects in a large diamond crystal synthesized by high pressure and high temperature (HPHT) method were investigated by synchrotron...

Authors: Hai Long Zhang, Qiong Fu, Wei Ping Li

Abstract: In order to optimize the processing of preparation for dielectric percolative polymer composites, the quenching effect on the dielectric...

Authors: Wei Liu, Gui Qiong Jiao, Jing Guo, Hao Tian Jiang

Abstract: Z-pins reinforced 2D ceramic matrix composites (CMCs), integratedly designed new materials, are developed to enhance 2D CMCs...

Authors: Long Jiang, Qiong Fu, Wei Ping Li

Abstract: To make clear the effect of thickness and layer number on the dielectric property of poly (vinylidenedi fluoride) (PVDF), the different...

Authors: Wei Zeng, Han Lin Hu, Shu Cai Li

Abstract: PB-1/PP blend was prepared by blending isotactic polybutene-1 and polypropylene with the ratio of 80/20 through Brabender extruder under...

Authors: Wen Long Liu, Bin Lin, Li Peng Sun

Abstract: A measurement on the topography and 3D roughness parameters of the ferrite surface has been taken by using a 3D optical profiler. Based on...


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