Recent Advancement on Material Science and Manufacturing Technologies

Volume 721

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Liu, Da Zhi Qian, Zhi Hua Zhang, Bin Tang

Abstract: UMo/Al fuel is a typical dispersion fuel and is becoming a focus of research in many countries as it has higher density, better thermal...

Authors: Jing Zhang, Long Mi, Shi Yan

Abstract: Mesoporous molecular sieves SBA-15 was synthesized by using tetraethyl orthosilicate (TEOS) as silica source and pluronic 123...

Authors: Jun Hua Xi, Xue Ping Chen, Hong Xia Li, Jun Zhang, Zhen Guo Ji

Abstract: ZnO thin films were deposited on heavily doped silicon wafer by DC magnetron sputtering and the Cu electrodes were evaporated on ZnO/...

Authors: Ying Liu, Qi Wen, Jia Li Guan, Shi Jie Zhao, Qi Xing Hu, Zhi Feng Hou, Qiao Zhen Yu

Abstract: Dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid (DBSA) doped polypanilines (PANIs) were chemically synthesized in different molar ratios of aniline (An) to...

Authors: Yan Qiu Yang, Guo Zhu Fu, Guang Liu, Bin Wang, Gang Wei, Li Deng

Abstract: A new methodology was developed to synthesize uniform rutile TiO2 nanorods. Rutile (TiO2) nanorods of length...

Authors: Xiong Wu, Bai Jie Zhou, Fan Zhuo Meng, Qian Hu, Ji Lin Pan

Abstract: A polyurethane based on unsaturated polyesters (PUP) was prepared, which can be cured and cross-linking reaction under room temperature. The...

Authors: Wei Wei Ling, Wen Ying Ma, Cheng Xin Xu, Zhu Chen

Abstract: Ni-Cu-Zn ferrite (NCZF) /BaTiO3 (BT) composites with different mass ratios of BT/NCZF (x) were prepared at 900°C with suitable...

Authors: Bang Yan Tang, Hui Yao, Yu Feng, Xu Dong Hu

Abstract: The nanopowdered VP108 was selected and applied into the base asphalt binder and mixture. The Marshall binder and mixture tests were...

Authors: Shun Li, Meng Jian Zhu, Meng Liu, Shu Xin Bai

Abstract: The preparation of molybdenum coating on the SiC particles has been investigated with sol-gel method. The results show that SiC particles...

Authors: Man Xia Zhang, Qing Xue, Xiao Jia Tang, Yi Min Zhu

Abstract: For urgent requirement of onboard ballast water treatment, a combination method of wall-flow structure porous ceramic filtration (PCF) and...


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