Research on the 6DOF Robot Simulation and Modeling


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Visual simulation technology is still playing an important role in the robot design and research field. This article establishes a robot palletizing simulation system visualization based on VisualC++ and OpenGL programming tool. This system synthetically evaluates the man-machine interface, the robot three-dimensional modeling and environmental modeling. In addition, modeling of robot is divided into two parts static modeling and kinematic modeling. Finally, for the purpose of the robot movement trajectory and collision avoidance behavior in the palletizing system, it provides numerous theoretical and practical bases.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 734-737)

Edited by:

Jianguo Wu, Xixi Lu, He Xu and Nobukazu Nakagoshi




Z. Y. Liu and J. You, "Research on the 6DOF Robot Simulation and Modeling", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 734-737, pp. 2676-2680, 2013

Online since:

August 2013





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