NEMS/MEMS Technology and Devices - ICMAT2009, ICMAT2009

Volume 74

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Satoshi Konishi

Abstract: This paper describes multi-scale interface for bio and medical engineering based on MEMS technology. MEMS technology can provide various...

Authors: L.P. Yeo, L. Wang, Zhi Ping Wang, Yee Cheong Lam

Abstract: UV micro-casting is a promising mass production method for replication of polymeric microdevices due to the non-stringent process conditions...

Authors: E.H. Khoo, Ping Bai, M.X. Gu, H.S. Chu, W.B. Ewe, I. Ahmed, E.P. Li

Abstract: This paper presents a number of plasmonics based nanosensors that is currently being investigated in IHPC. In the first case, the influence...

Authors: Jiu Hui Wu, Boris Luk’yanchuk, Hua Ling Chen, Ai Qun Liu

Abstract: In this paper, light-driven acoustic band gap is presented by considering two metal nanospheres illuminated simultaneously by laser and...

Authors: Fu Kun Lai, Hua Li

Abstract: A continuum multiphysics theory is presented for simulation of the ionic-strength-sensitive hydrogel and surrounding solution. The theory...

Authors: Hua Zou, Hua Li

Abstract: Based on Donnan’s equilibrium, a simple chemo-mechanical model is developed to study the transient swelling behavior of the pH-sensitive...

Authors: Shantanu Mulay, Hua Li

Abstract: Several devices of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) are analyzed in the presented work, using a novel numerical meshless method called...

Authors: Jundika Candra Kurnia, Erik Birgersson, Arun Sadashiv Mujumdar, Lee Ching Quah

Abstract: A mathematical model of a microfluidic controller comprising a hydrogel in a typical T- and Y-junction is derived and presented. The model...

Authors: Jian Wu, Min Xue Wang, Bing Bing Wu

Abstract: In this paper, we report our recent studies on developing nonlinear techniques based on a single SOA for all-optical signal processing at...


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