NEMS/MEMS Technology and Devices - ICMAT2009, ICMAT2009

Volume 74

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ting Ye, Hua Li

Abstract: A modeling of two-phase system is presented for investigation of the cell motion and deformation in the microchannel subject to the...

Authors: Gang Ma, Hua Li, Teng Yong Ng

Abstract: The mechanical behavior of capsule in microscale flow is fundamentally important in physiology, pharmaceutical or agricultural industries,...

Authors: X.M. Zhang, M. Yu, Silas Nesson, H. Bae, A. Christian, Ai Qun Liu

Abstract: This paper reports the development of a miniature pressure sensor on the optical fiber tip for in vitro measurements of rodent intradiscal...

Authors: Wu Zhang, Ji Fang Tao, Wei Ming Zhu, Ai Qun Liu

Abstract: The optical sensor achieves its sense function generally by measuring the change of intensity or the phase of the light beams. Compared to...

Authors: Jing Chuen Lin, An Shik Yang, Li Yu Tseng

Abstract: The main purpose of active flow control research is to develop a cost-effective technology that has the potential for inventive advances in...

Authors: Chih Hsin Shih, Wei Li Yuan, Chien Hsing Lu, Wei Ling Chiang

Abstract: This work presents a novel approach to decant and meter supernatant on a centrifugal platform. Supernatant decanting, such as decanting...

Authors: Bin Yang, Cheng Kuo Lee

Abstract: A novel non-resonant energy harveser with wide band frequency is proposed for collecting energy from ambient vibration at low frequency. A...

Authors: Selin H.G. Teo, Ming Bin Yu, N. Singh, G.Q. Lo

Abstract: In this paper, techniques developed in the fabrication of nano-structures such as photonic gratings and vertical tube structures are...

Authors: Yu Xin Koh, Sum Huan Ng, Khin Thet May, Cong Zhi Chan, Zhi Ping Wang

Abstract: The sealing of microchannels is a key step in the fabrication of microfluidic devices and thermal bonding is a common technique used. Here,...

Authors: Qing Zhang, Nikola Pekas, David Juncker

Abstract: Electrostatically actuated microvalves are appealing candidates to build fully integrated microfluidic circuits because of the direct...


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