Characteristic Behaviors in Compressive Strength of Two-Dimensional Aggregates


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A selected material, polystyrene microsphere series, is created as a building block of two-dimensional (2D) aggregates to examine scaling behaviors of the compressive stress condition. The 2D aggregated clusters are confined between the two cantilevers of 30 micron in diameter. These cantilevers can slide and force the aggregates move in the lateral direction. The compressive yield stress is directly measured during experiments by quantitative image analysis on the optical microscope. Locations of polystyrene aggregates are traced by Discrete Element Method (DEM), computer simulation. The 2D mechanical properties are examined for the particle size scaling behaviors as a function of particle area fraction and the average particle coordination number. The larger the particle size, the greater the modulus and the yield stress.



Edited by:

Wen Jin




S. Promkotra and T. Kangsadan, "Characteristic Behaviors in Compressive Strength of Two-Dimensional Aggregates", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 746, pp. 293-296, 2013

Online since:

August 2013




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