Gel Engineering Materials Meso-Decorated with Polymorphic Crystals


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Gels are a new material having three-dimensional network structures of macromolecules. They possess excellent properties as swellability, high permeability and biocompatibility, and have been applied in various fields of daily life, food, medicine, architecture, and chemistry. In this study, we tried to prepare new multi-functional and high-strength gels by using Meso-Decoration (Meso-Deco), one new method of structure design at intermediate mesoscale. High-performance rigid-rod aromatic polymorphic crystals. The strengthening of gels can be realized by meso-decorating the gels structure using high-performance polymorphic crystals. New gels with good mechanical properties, novel optical properties and thermal properties are expected to be developed.



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Wen Jin




J. Gong et al., "Gel Engineering Materials Meso-Decorated with Polymorphic Crystals", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 746, pp. 325-329, 2013

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August 2013




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