Development Status of Laser Clad Cobalt-Based Alloy Coatings


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Laser cladding, as an effective method of metal surface modification, is to fuse an alloy coating of enhanced mechanical and chemical properties on the surface of a substrate. Therefore, laser cladding has been attracting continuous and extensive research for years. In this paper, the research progress in laser clad cobalt-based alloys is summarized. The preparing processes, microstructures, properties and influence factors of laser clad cobalt-based alloys coatings and their ceramic particles strengthened composites coatings are analyzed systematically. And the existing problems, some solving measures, the development tendencies and industral uses are presented.



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Syed Masood




H. J. Yu "Development Status of Laser Clad Cobalt-Based Alloy Coatings", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 748, pp. 192-195, 2013

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August 2013





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