Synthesis and Properties of Surface Coatings

Volume 75

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fu Chi Wang, Qun Bo Fan, Lu Wang, Quan Sheng Wang, Zhuang Ma

Abstract: To develop novel and advanced thermal barrier coatings, full-scale numerical simulation of plasma-sprayed functionally gradient materials is...

Authors: P.W. Shum, Zhi Feng Zhou, K.Y. Li

Abstract: Carbon ion implantation has often been considered as an additional method to further improve the wear, corrosion and oxidation resistance of...

Authors: Yu Cheng Wu, Zhi Ming Zhang, Xin Min Huang, Chuan Li Shan, Zhi Ping Lin

Abstract: TiO2 shows a high efficiency in Photocatalysis, however, the recycling of TiO2 is difficult, composite coating is prepared by simultaneous...

Authors: Tong Yul Cho, Jae Hong Yoon, Ki Oh Song, Yun Kon Joo, Jae Young Cho, Jin Ho Kang, Shi Hong Zhang, Hui Gon Chun, Sik Chul Kwon

Abstract: High velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) thermal spray coating of micron size (μ) T800 powder has been studied for the durability improvement of...

Authors: Ming Dong Bao, Xue Bo Xu, Jia Wen He, Hai Lin Sun, Dennis G. Teer

Abstract: Microdrills were deposited by Cr-N based and TiN coatings using a magnetron sputter technique. A flexible printed circuit board was used to...

Authors: Chang Che, G.Q. Wu, Hong Yu Qi, Z. Huang, Xiao Guang Yang

Abstract: The aluminum depletion of NiCrAlY bond coat in an air-plasma-sprayed thermal barrier coating (TBC) has been studied by experimental and...

Authors: P.L. Tam, Zhi Feng Zhou, P.W. Shum, K.Y. Li

Abstract: Quaternary CrTiAlN hard coatings were deposited by closed field unbalanced magnetron sputtering ion plating technique onto steel substrates,...

Authors: Kotaro Hanada, Hitomi Yamaguchi

Abstract: This paper describes the development of spherical iron-based composite powder with carried alumina abrasive grains made by a plasma spray...


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