Remote Fault Diagnosis System of Ultrahigh Speed Grinding Based on Multi-Agent


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A remote fault diagnosis method for ultrahigh speeding grinding based on multi-agent is presented. The general faults of ultrahigh speed grinding are analyzed and diagnosis model based on multi-agent is established, the dialogue layer, problem decomposition layer, control layer and problem solving layer in the process of diagnosis are studied and the knowledge reasoning model of fault diagnosis is set up based case-based reasoning (CBR) combining rule-based reasoning (RBR). Based on theoretical research, a remote fault diagnosis system of ultrahigh speed grinding is developed. Results of the system running prove the theory is correctness and the technology is feasibility.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 76-78)

Edited by:

Han Huang, Liangchi Zhang, Jun Wang, Zhengyi Jiang, Libo Zhou, Xipeng Xu and Tsunemoto Kuriyagawa




W. S. Wang and T. B. Yu, "Remote Fault Diagnosis System of Ultrahigh Speed Grinding Based on Multi-Agent ", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 76-78, pp. 67-71, 2009

Online since:

June 2009




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