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Authors: Thai Nguyen, Liang Chi Zhang
Abstract:This paper presents a temperature-dependent finite element heat transfer model, incorporating a triangular moving heat source and various...
Authors: Xue Kun Li, Lan Yan, Waleed Bin Rashid, Yi Ming Rong
Abstract:Grinding is regarded as a special multiple edge cutting process, which can be decomposed into grain-workpiece interface, chip-workpiece/bond...
Authors: Lan Yan, Xue Kun Li, Feng Jiang, Zhi Xiong Zhou, Yi Ming Rong
Abstract:The grinding process can be considered as micro-cutting processes with irregular abrasive grains on the surface of grinding wheel. Single...
Authors: Taghi Tawakoli, Engelbert Westkämper, Bahman Azarhoushang
Abstract:The total removal of grinding wheel material includes two main parts. The larger of the two is the result of dressing and truing operation...
Authors: C.S. Leo, T.L. Blackburn, David Lee Butler, Sum Huan Ng, C. Yang, Steven Danyluk
Abstract:With the demand for precise nanometric material removal with minimal defects, several non-contact ultraprecision machining techniques were...
Authors: Berend Denkena, Marijke van der Meer
Abstract:Until now, the complex kinematics and geometries as well as high quality requirements have prevented the use of all-ceramic prostheses for...
Authors: Xavier Kennedy, S. Gowri
Abstract:Advanced structural ceramics have been increasingly used in automotive, aerospace, military, medical and other applications due to their high...
Authors: Y.G. Zheng, W.G. Liu, Bin Jiang, Hang Gao, S.G. Zheng
Abstract:According to the demand for internal grinding machine in precise machining of air-conditioner compressor piston hole, a kind of high precise...
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